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SaraDora is a dry orange wine made from white grapes which was named after two of Matyas’s granddaughters Sara and Dora. It comes from a family-based winery which produces wines using only traditional methods which excludes any addition of selective yeast, enzymes and other additives.

The production of amber-gold bottles began in 2018 when Welschriesling, Rheinriesling and Pinot blanc grapes were vinified separately and macerated for 14 days on peel. To achieve such a spectacular result the grapes were maturing in old oak barrels on sentiment for 12 months.

This elegant white dry’s scent can be described as an aromatic mixture of fruitiness with a dominance of yellow apples and pears with a light touch of pepper and breadcrumbs that gives Sara Dora an intense and harmonic character.

It’s taste is full of juiciness and aromatic complexity that creates a perfect balance, fullness, and freshness.

Try Sara Dora with grilled fish, especially with mackerels and salmon. It is also an excellent companion to white meat products.



Type: Orange Wine

Fl. str: 75cl

Grapes: Welschriesling grapes, Rheinriesling grapes, Pinot Blanc grapes.

Alc: 13.0%

Temp: 10°C-11°C

Origin: Strekov, Slovakia

Producer: Matyas Family



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