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Pinot Gris Sandwich as the name suggests is made out of fruitful in taste Pinot Gris grapes. Coming from the family-based Mátyás winery which produces wine in the BIO regime only.

The history of making this white dry wine starts in 2018 with an original method of production called sandwich. This means that the whole bunch of grapes lied between two layers of crushed grapes where the layering was repeated three times during the 25 days of spontaneous fermentation.

With the amber gold cloudy color Pinot Gris Sandwich smell is rich in diverse tones of ripe yellow pears, apples, herbs, dried figs and expressive tea extracts. The taste is a full expression of grapefruit and oranges giving this glorious wine a dry and strong aroma. Acids add a freshness and juiciness to the whole experience.

Pinot Gris Sandwich goes well with fishes such as salmon, tuna or mackerel, not to forget it's perfect match with Italian cuisines.



Type: White Wine

Fl. str: 75cl

Grapes: Pinot Gris

Alc: 12.0%

Temp: 9°C-10°C

Origin: Strekov, Slovakia

Producer: Mátyás Family


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