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Dunaj is one of the few wines produced from the grapes that originates only in Slovakia. It took 20 years of trials for the winemakers to pick the two elite types of Dunaj grapes out of which our spectacular red dry is made and presented to you today.

It comes from family based Kasnyik winery which produces wines using only traditional methods which excludes any addition of selective yeast, enzymes and other additives giving this Red dry an unique character.

In 2018 the process of making Dunaj started with grape collection, spontaneous fermentation in 700 liter old wooden barrels and maturing for 14 month in oak barrels to make the final result richer in taste.

Dunaj's lively aroma can be described as a combination of juicy and spicy tones and a light chocolate undertone, making it a perfect addition to red meat and chocolate desserts.



Type: Red Wine

Fl. str: 75cl

Grapes: 100% Dunaj Grapes

Alc: 15%

Temp: 16°C-18°C

Origin: Strekov, Slovakia

Producer: Kasnyik


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